How to import a Photoshop colour swatch into XCode Storyboards / OS X ColorPicker palette

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I’m frequently amazed at the work done by our design team, and where possible I try to do pixel perfect implementations of their designs. When designing an iOS application in Photoshop our designers often build a colour swatch that incorporates the client’s branding and the colour scheme intended for the application. Instead of importing these colours manually I recently investigated how to import a Photoshop colour swatch into XCode [1][2].



  1. Create a colour swatch in Photoshop, naming the colours appropriately (these names will be visible in XCode).
  2. Use the swatch menu to save the Swatches for Exchange (This saves the swatch using the Adobe Swatch Exchange format (ase). Note, the filename dictates the palette name in XCode.


  1. Clone, build, and install the excellent by Ramon Poca. Note, the other command line tools in this package are not required.
  2. Start and drag and drop the ase file onto it.
  3. Restart XCode.

That’s it! Your colour palette is now be available in XCode.

Behind the scenes converts the ase format into clr and copies the result into ‘~/Library/Colors’.


If you wish to update a color palette simply drag a new version of the ase file onto and restart XCode [3].


If you wish to a remove a colour palette, delete the file from ‘~/Library/Colors’ and restart XCode.


[1] Note, we tested this process using OS X 10.9.4, XCode 6 beta 4, and Photoshop CC  14.2.1 x 64.

[2] The colour palettes available in XCode are actually imported from the operating system. If you move a project between computers the palette will not be available unless it has been imported on that machine.

[3] Unfortunately XCode storyboards copy colour values rather than linking them. Therefore, if you update the colour palette your storyboards will not be updated.

Spotfire Meetups and Cubes

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The Perth Spotfire Meetup was held a few days ago and it was a positive experience to bring up the topic of Cubes and then further discuss with others their findings.

Sheldon and Brendan from The Frontier Group opened the topic with a quick presentation. Even before that was finished we were into the discussion of integration pros and cons and the technical reasoning around these systems.

Sheldon Presenting

The meet up now hosted in a fairly lofty meeting room provided by TIBCO was filled with people which shows an interest in the product and a growing community.

Brendan Presenting

If you have any suggestions for meet up topics or are generally interested in Spotfire and its analytics capabilities, definitely get in touch with Matt Lambie at The Frontier Group. We are happy to discuss the rapidly changing space and the possible solutions around the area of business intelligence.

Check out the Meetup page at:

The Frontier Group has relocated to the CBD

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We’ve moved!

As many of you know The Frontier Group has recently relocated to a brand new office in the heart of the Perth CBD. Big things have been happening for us this year and we realised we had outgrown our office in West Perth and that if we wanted to keep growing and keep our clients and team happy we would need a shiny new office to do it all in.

The new space is a fantastic open plan office on the corner of Barrack and Hay St, a short walk from public transport, great coffee, good food and of course closer to our CBD clients; Rio Tinto, Woodside and BHP.

But we knew we wouldn’t feel at home until we threw an office warming party. On the 20th June we opened our doors to family, friends and clients and celebrated the newest phase of The Frontier Group. Friend and client Bar Pop turned the space into a trendy pop up bar for the evening, the tunes were pumping, the turnout was fantastic and it was heartwarming to see so many people celebrating with us. We had a total blast and we hope everyone else did too.

If you couldn’t make it don’t worry, check out the photo below from Friday night.



TFG ramps up TIBCO Spotfire certification

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At The Frontier Group we have been working with TIBCO for quite some time and have been an official Partner for over a year. In recent months we made history with TIBCO in Australia and New Zealand by having the most certifications of any TIBCO Partner. We’re also the only certified TIBCO Spotfire System Integration partner in Australia.
In light of that, we’d like to congratulate Matt, Courtney and Darren on becoming our latest team members to achieve Spotfire certification.
If you have data analysis requirements, get in touch with our Insight division via our TFG Insight and TIBCO Spotfire page.

Project Profile: PetRescue

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PetRescue ( is a charitable organisation on a mission to save Australia’s abandoned pets. They have brought hundreds of rescue groups together under one website to create a dominant unified web presence and significantly improve the chances of people finding the perfect pet.

We invest heavily in promoting the adoption option to millions of pet lovers, and continue to offer our services, programs and online resources for free to hundreds of shelters, pounds and rescue groups Australia-wide.


When PetRescue first approached us they had a great model for how they wanted to work but needed to grow. Our first round of work helped to revamp the website and also give it the robust growth potential they needed. Our design work was kept simple, clean and all about the pets. The ability to grow revolved around a fresh rails app and a much bigger architecture to support it.

We had the chance to test this growth potential thanks to a Whiskas campaign that required our systems to withstand thousands of concurrent hits per second. We managed this and more without our servers even flinching thanks to some clever caching and a well structured architecture that was living on Amazon’s cloud servers.


Since that initial round of work, the numbers of visitors and adoptions have been increasing and PetRescue have managed to help rehome a staggering 200,000 animals across Australia with a further 9500 currently sitting on the site ready for new homes.

With such a great experience we were so excited to recently get a call regarding some more work. To enhance their already great offering, the PetRescue team had the idea of providing video content of prospective pets. We saw this as a great opportunity to leverage Amazon’s new video encoding capability named Elastic Transcoder and in a fairly short space of time we are proud to have launched this feature on the site.


This site has been a great exploration of Amazon services for us and with a little tweaking, our ability to template, rollout and spin up many different services has been very positive.

We would also like to congratulate John Bishop, PetRescue’s technical lead who has been working with us closely and received multiple “40 under 40” awards for his great work with the site.


Photo From: Business News WA

PetRescue is very a worthy cause so if you have any interest in an adorable pet, check out the site or have a look at their facebook page.

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