Using !! with watch

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I use the Linux utility watch all the time to monitor the output of a command over and over again. It’s especially useful when combined with ls, df or du to provide an update every second. Sometimes stringing together these commands can be confusing, then passing them to watch -n1 is gets even harder especially if you use quotes of any kind.

A simple trick I’ve started using is getting the command right the first time, then using watch -n1 !! with bash’s variable interpolation to replace !! with the previous command.

Why think when you can Tiinkk?

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After much testing, designing and tweaking we’re excited to launch our latest mobile app, Tiinkk. We worked closely with the lads behind Tiinkk to bring their idea of a decision making app inspired by social media and crowdsourcing to life.

Tiinkk is a unique app that takes the angst out of making a decision, whether you want an opinion on which car to buy or which book to read just upload a photo or two and receive instant feedback from other Tiinkkers.

Tiinkk on an iPhone 5S

The app launch has already gained a lot of media attention, check out the links below:

The app is currently available on iOS and our team is working hard behind the scenes on an Android version.

The Frontier Group takes home the WA Web Award for Innovation

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Adam, Levi and Matt with TFG's Web Award for Innovation

Last night The Frontier Group descended on the Western Australian component of the Australian Web Awards for a night of fun, drinks and a chance to recognise the outstanding work that the WA Web Industry produces every year. The quality of work seen was fantastic and we’re looking forward to the national awards at Web Directions later this month.

The Frontier Group managed to take home the Innovation award for the GOT APP website. GOT APP is a mobile application for finding the best venue for your night out or weekend, it shows you nearby bars and helps you find out when each bar is going to get busy.

GOT APP Website

You can download GOT APP free from the iOS App Store or Google Play right now and plan your next night out.

The Frontier Group would also like to congratulate our friends at Clever Starfish for taking home a couple of awards for the eCommerce and Non-Profit categories.

If you want to know more about how the night unfolded check out #awa2013 on Twitter.

The Frontier Group Spotfire Perth User Group

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The Frontier Group are developing a local community around data analytics using TIBCO Spotfire.

We’re keeping this group technically focussed though we welcome users of all levels, including those new to data analytics and Spotfire.

Though we already have strong support from TIBCO’s local team in Perth, this meetup will not be vendor-driven in an effort to establish a vibrant community of users.

Please feel free to register at Spotfire Perth where the dates and details of future Spotfire sessions will be posted along with any comments or questions members may have.


The Frontier Group Spotfire Demonstration Session

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Tibco Spotfire – Fastest to Actionable Insight

The Frontier Group will begin to hold regular morning tea sessions at the Empire café at 182 St Georges Terrace at 10am for a quick technical tour of some useful functions in Spotfire followed by questions and answers that will help users make the most of the more advanced Spotfire features.

The first session is commencing Monday August 26th at 10:00am and is designed to be informal, educational and interactive.

For more information about Tibco Spotfire in-memory analytics software please see the web page .

Registration for this session on August 26th can be completed through our event page.

We hope you can join us.

Regards, Lynne O’Neill – Event Coordinator at The Frontier Group.


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