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Product Spotlight: Tibco ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks

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We’ve recently had some interest in BusinessWorks development so it seems like a great time to answer the question: What is Tibco ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks?

From the BusinessWorks website:

The platform exposes data as real-time events or API services to give you all the support you need to master the constantly evolving enterprise application landscape including:

  • Line-of-business managers adopting cloud applications for standard business functionalities.
  • Customers and employees exchanging data in real time on an ever increasing array of devices.

In simple terms, BusinessWorks gives you a framework and interface that lets you connect workflow components to form complex and flexible business processes. It can handle numerous input and output types with the ability to react to and translate data along the way. Databases, file systems, web requests can all be linked together with logging and translation making this the perfect middleman if you are trying to bring your companies existing systems and services together or quickly build new interfaces.

Whilst this type of activity is traditionally covered by custom software development, the point of this product is to move away from custom coding fragile end-to-end processes and instead put time into linking and developing reusable components that can form the building blocks for much more adaptable workflows.

If you can handle a slightly technical view of BusinessWorks, have a look at the capabilities demo found here (or view it embedded below). This 3.5 minute demo gives a presentation of building a web API and shows how much can be achieved just through point and click activities. If you are a developer saying “why is this any good?” jump to 1 min 50 sec and see the automated documentation, testing and debugging of the restful web service that was built – no coding required.

At The Frontier Group we have been keeping on top of the rapidly evolving Tibco software range and BusinessWorks is just one of the products we have been successfully delivering with. If this type of product interests you, get in touch as we’re happy to discuss the best possible solutions.


Our Growing Enterprise And Analytics Division

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At The Frontier Group we have been expanding our enterprise and analytics division TFG Insight. Three new members have come on board to start 2015 and looking across the newcomers they bring an incredible array of experience.
A mechatronics engineer, years of mining industry experience, control systems and automation development, advanced database plugin development, a masters in applied mathematics, a strong background in statistics and mathematical modelling – the list keeps going.
We have already seen how our Insight team having such a diverse background in development has benefited many of our customers. Whilst building with Spotfire it’s been common for us to improve existing infrastructure and database integrations as part of our work. These new skills open up even greater opportunities particularly in the areas of process, forecasting and custom visualisations.
As part of taking on these new members we had them sit the Spotfire Certification exam and are happy to report that all three passed giving us one of the largest Spotfire certified teams in Australia.
With our ever improving team, we can’t wait to help bring a new level of accessible analytics to our customers.

The Frontier Group – Official Red Hat partners

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The Frontier Group has been a long time user of Linux environments and it is an exciting move for us to become official Red Hat partners.

Recently The Frontier Group has been building up relationships with companies that can improve our web, mobile and analytics capabilities. Our relationship with Tibco has increased our offering in the integration and analytics space and this new alliance with Red Hat will bring increased options for deployment and hosting.

Red Hat is the world’s best success story for Open Source software in the enterprise and this story is constantly getting better through diverse community support and growth. Their offering is extensive and we are really excited to see their increasing presence in virtualisation, cloud configurations and next generation storage.

They have demonstrated recently that not only will they remain a strong contender in the virtualization space through support of Docker and the Atomic project but the very popular topic of big data has been getting their support through improvements relating to Hadoop and OpenShift.

If you are interested to find more about Red Hat and what they offer beyond the well known enterprise Linux distribution, get in touch with us.


Tibco NOW!

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The Tibco Now event kicks off on on Monday Nov 3rd and in the words of the events home page:

TIBCO NOW will provide an opportunity to learn about the seismic technological forces causing this disruption – Big Data, Cloud, Mobile and Social.

The Frontier Group is sending over our CIO and company founder Matt Lambie to check it out and add some Australian views to the hallway discussions. We are really excited to see what the conference brings and if you are interested in meeting Matt or talking over new ideas in The Frontier Group + Tibco space, get in touch and let us know.


TFG ramps up TIBCO Spotfire certification

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At The Frontier Group we have been working with TIBCO for quite some time and have been an official Partner for over a year. In recent months we made history with TIBCO in Australia and New Zealand by having the most certifications of any TIBCO Partner. We’re also the only certified TIBCO Spotfire System Integration partner in Australia.
In light of that, we’d like to congratulate Matt, Courtney and Darren on becoming our latest team members to achieve Spotfire certification.
If you have data analysis requirements, get in touch with our Insight division via our TFG Insight and TIBCO Spotfire page.

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