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Help build water wells with Drop in the Bucket, The Frontier Group and Resonate Social Media

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At The Frontier Group we like to help out deserving charities as often as we can either through partnering, work, or sponsorship.

Drop in the Bucket is an organisation that has found its way to us and we are encouraging all our clients and friends to donate through the widget on our special Donate to Drop in the Bucket donation page.

You can read up on Drop in the Bucket below, or at their website: Drop in the Bucket. Our aim (along with Resonate Social Media) is to raise $10,000 to build two wells by March 31 2011.

Drop in the Bucket


Drop In The Bucket is dedicated to improving the health and safety of children in Africa by providing clean water wells and sanitation systems to African schools, particularly those in post-conflict settings.  We align ourselves with experienced engineers, innovators and economists who have a vast knowledge of African culture and water solutions so that we can meet the unique challenges associated with the developing world’s water crisis.

The cornerstone of our approach is low overhead and minimal operating costs. We participate directly in every aspect of the process, from targeting each well location and personally working with and training community leaders, to actively helping set up and approve budgets, to diligently monitoring maintenance schedules and carefully tracking success rates. We place a very high value on sustainability and take proactive measures so the water wells and sanitation systems we install will provide benefits far into the future. Our hands-on involvement extends from the time water or sanitation needs are identified, through construction, and long after completion.

Drop In The Bucket provides everything from hand-dug shallow water wells, drilled boreholes, pumps and rainwater harvesting tanks, to an advanced sanitation system that includes the most environmentally responsible, permanent septic system available in rural Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our outreach teams are constantly working to find new ways to incorporate the beneficiaries into the process while our staff and consultants strive to continually develop innovations and improvements that will increase the scope and effectiveness of our efforts to provide clean water wells and sanitation systems to the children and their communities.


Drop In The Bucket believes we can help create a world in which children are safe, healthy, educated and free from fear. And we believe that the key to achieving those ends is clean water and sanitation.

In its 2000 Millennium Declaration, the United Nations created eight Millennium Development Goals to improve the human condition by 2015. One of the most important objectives in reaching these goals was to reduce, by half, the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water. The World Health Organization and UNICEF report that of the people still not using an improved source of drinking water in 2010, 37% live in one region of the globe: Sub-Saharan Africa (

Drop In The Bucket understands how central clean water and sanitation is to survival.  We want to see an end to the 1.5 million preventable deaths that occur each year as a result of poor sanitation ( We want to see the children of Sub-Saharan Africa have the same basic opportunities to live safe, healthy and happy lives as children in places where access to clean water and sanitation are available.

According to the World Water Assessment Programme ( access to safe drinking water can make a significant contribution to:

(a) eradication of poverty;

(b) increased school attendance;

(c) reduction in diarrheal infections and malaria;

(d) decrease in maternal and child-mortality rates.

Drop In The Bucket wants to make a difference in the quality of life for children in the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa so they can reach their full potential and become healthy adults with the capacity to accomplish their goals and the opportunity to realize their dreams.

WA Special Needs Children’s Christmas Party

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The Frontier Group is proud to announce sponsorship of this years WA Special Needs Children’s Christmas Party.

The Christmas Party is the fifteenth annual party for children who have special needs and are suffering from life threatening illnesses. The event has an aim of giving these children one of the happiest days of their lives. There will be in excess of 1800 children invited to the event, made possible by the sponsors.

The event is held at the Claremont Football Oval on Sunday 21st November 2010.

For more information about the event email or phone 08 9375 7070.

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