At The Frontier Group we like to keep things current and all of us love a good technical discussion.

Tech talks are a presentation based and topic focussed approach that’s been in the company for many years. Our resident doctor Steve Webb recently presented some of the approaches and complexities of WordPress integration with Ruby on Rails and this (as it often does) broke out into an interesting conversation about deployment, maintenance and testing methodologies.

TFG Tech Talk in Progress

Steve Webb discusses WordPress integration with Ruby on Rails

Over the years one of the most highly debated topics for us has been testing. Best practices, tool sets, approaches and our own stance on what has also been debated around the world.

Another topic that has grown in value over the last few years has been automation both for deployment and continuous integration. Getting code to our servers after lengthy automated testing is a constantly refined and extremely important process.

Does your company have tech talks? is there are topic of great interest to your team?