Here at The Frontier Group we are a growing family. A few of us have young children and that number is increasing (congratulations to Steve and Elissa!).

Unfortunately, not all families are in a good position to give their little ones a happy Christmas. So, this year we plan to help The Smith Family charity help with that via their Toy and Book appeal. We felt we should also put the offer out there to our friends and customers to join in.

Until the 29th of November 2014, we will be putting together a collection and we’d love for everyone to join in by dropping your gift off to our office – Level 4, 580 Hay St, Perth. Please observe their guidelines at the end of this post as we want to make sure your gift is something that they can hand on to those in need. If you can’t make it to our office they do have a great online system as well.

We all know that Christmas isn’t just about presents but in hard times it can be a wonderfully positive family experience to treat your kids and see a smile on their faces.

Special thanks to Paula for organising this and creating our wonderful space cat picture.


The Following are the guidelines provided by the charity.


Currently we accept new toys and books for 0 – 12 year olds. Additionally, this year, we encourage you to donate learning and educational related items.

• All gifts received must not be wrapped
• All toys should be no bigger than a school backpack
• Please ensure batteries are included if they are required to operate the toy

Donations most needed

Currently there is a significant shortage of gifts for children 9 – 12 years of age. Your donation to these age categories it would be greatly appreciated.

Items not accepted

The following cannot be accepted:

• Large items i.e. bikes, hula-hoops, adult cricket bats, large doll houses, ride ons
• Second hand or handmade toys
• Clothes and Manchester including costumes
• Toiletries – perfume, make-up, nail polish
• Toys that replicate weapons i.e. guns, knives
• Religious items i.e. books, figurines
• Calendars & diaries
• Candles and lamps
• Adult games or videos
• Items used for marketing a brand or company i.e. fast food items/toys
• Breakable items i.e. porcelain dolls and tea sets
• Items that contain liquid
• Food
• CD’s and video games


Please find below a guide to appropriate toys and books for each age group. Please ensure you check the age suitability on the packaging before purchasing. Remember we have a significant shortage in the 9-12 age categories.

0 – 1
Push and pull toys
Musical instruments
Soft material bath books
Building blocks

2 – 3
Play sets
Dolls with no small attachments
Plastic tea sets (no porcelain)
Plastic golf sets
Toy trucks
Golden books

4 – 5
Baby dolls
Matchbox cars
Plastic kitchen sets
Picture books with few words
Barbie doll or My Little Pony sets
Easy jigsaw puzzles
Activity and colouring books
Young reader books

6 – 8
Art, craft and bead sets
Colored pencils and crayons
Jigsaw puzzles
Board games
Remote control cars
Action Figurines
Kite, Frisbee and Yo yo’s
Sporting goods

9-10 / 11-12
Art and craft sets
Educational games
Sports balls
Science kits
Jigsaw puzzles
Board games
Stationary packs
Meccano kits
Beach sporting goods
Children’s novels
Remote control cars
Electronic hand-held games

Remember: Fun, versatile, activity based, long lasting, educational or active.