Earlier this year we were introduced to PetRescue, who were looking for a development company to rebuild their web application that had initially been built and tweaked over the past 8 years by one of the founders.

PetRescue is a not-for-profit organisation that finds new permanent homes for rescue pets. They are Australia’s largest on-line directory of homeless animals, and to date we have helped find new, loving families for over 140,000 pets. PetRescue started in 2004 as a small not-for-profit team dedicated to finding new homes for lost and abandoned pets, with the belief they had something to contribute to improving outcomes for rescue animals across the country.

PetRescue is a web application for both the general public looking to adopt a pet, and rescue groups around the country to list their pets for adoption. Most of the functionality is in the admin interface of the app that makes the website self sufficient, enabling rescue groups complete control over their adoption listings and process.

The PetRescue website receives ~200,000 pageviews per day and had nearly a decade of legacy data, making it a huge task to design and rebuild from the ground up, while maintaining integrity of the existing data. The app was heavily tuned for performance in the launch week, and the site also consists of import/export scripts and an API for various third party websites.

Overall the launch was a success, and PetRescue now have a much improved platform to help rehome the thousands of pets listed each month.

Visit the PetRescue website