Here at The Frontier Group we were having trouble finding a simple, extensible way to look at email sent out by our web applications during development. After trying quite a few alternatives, one of our developers Sam Cochran sat down in some spare time and forced slender man into skinny jeans strapped to a mailbox to create MailCatcher.

MailCatcher is a ruby mashup to catch mail sent via SMTP to a local port and serve it in your web browser for easy testing. It lets you check out the plain text and HTML versions of the email, as well as inspecting any attachments. Thanks to WebSockets (in Google Chrome, at least) you’ll see new mail instantly as it arrives.

MailCatcher v0.3.0 displaying a message

Installation and usage instructions can be found on the project home page. Over the coming weeks I look forward to sharing some more of our open source contributions from within TFG.