A short time ago, I called out for people to let me know what names they could think of to represent a company that makes websites. The goal was to put on the shoes of a prospective client, and see if they could identify with any particular term.

Companies that work with computers in any way, usually get lumped in the IT category. There is such a wide range of companies under this banner, it is very confusing for both clients and companies alike.

Even asking for alternatives for “web designers” brought back a huge response. No wonder clients have such a hard time understanding who they need to be working with.

The responses:

  • digitial firm
  • digital creatives
  • web creatives
  • web firm
  • dev agency
  • web design agency
  • creative agency
  • web shop
  • web services agency
  • web design studio
  • digital creative agency
  • web design shop
  • web studio
  • creative studio
  • digital branding agency
  • boutique branding agency
  • digital studio
  • the IT guys
  • graphic designers

Maybe we should just split it into the following:

  • online or offline
  • print or web
  • hardware or software

Have you heard of other industries where there is as many legitimate (and widely used) names for the one branch of work? Let me know in the comments.