Updated : August 2011 to work with Factory Girl 2.0.5

It’s been annoying me for some time that when I hit reload! in the Rails console my factories stop working, or point to the wrong class. This wasn’t a real issue until I started using Devise.

Devise uses a mapping between classes and routes, so when a factory built object comes through to Devise after a console reload, or a class redefinition then it will fail. This is commonly the case in development and test environments.

I sat down with a colleague today (thanks Darcy) and we found the appropriate place to reload Factories to have it all work.

This is the code we put into my application.rb :

    ActionDispatch::Callbacks.after do      
      # Reload the factories
      return unless (Rails.env.development? || Rails.env.test?)
      unless FactoryGirl.factories.blank? # first init will load factories, this should only run on subsequent reloads


After that everything just worked and I can hit reload! in the console without any issue.