It seems that access to the ActiveRecord callback chain has changed recently, however the documentation still contains the following :

To list the methods and procs registered with a particular callback, append _callback_chain to the callback name that you wish to list and send that to your class from the Rails console.

This used to work in Rails 2.3.x and I’d used it a few times before, however trying to use it in Rails 3 gave me problems :

NoMethodError: undefined method `before_save_callback_chain' for #

After some digging around ActiveRecord then ActiveModel and ActiveSupport I figured I could just access the _#{type}_callbacks method and then reject and select these arrays to get what was required. This is what I came up with to get the before_save callbacks that I was interested in. { |callback| callback.kind.eql?(:before) }

This returns me the array of callback objects that are chained before I call save on the HourEntry model. If I want to check for a particular proc being in that chain then I can do : { |callback| callback.kind.eql?(:after) }.collect(&:filter).include?(:archive_if_no_users)

It’s not optimal chaining a number of enumerable methods but I think it seems pretty readable.

I am hoping that the callback_chain methods return at some point (though I only used them sparingly) but more than that I’m hoping someone might be able to set me straight on how I’m going about getting around the callback chains on ActiveRecord and ActiveModel.