With our second Twitter Chat over and done with, I’ve compiled a summary of the topics discussed.

Using the hashtag #NewWebFrontier, we invited people to join in and chat about all things web related. Hopefully you can join us for the next one in March!

We covered a variety of topics, including: Locomotive CMS, Rails 3, music, and new ways to engage with customers.

Some highlights from the chat:

@imagemechanics: #Apple‘s 30% cut is outrageous, yet when Amazon took twice that no one cared: http://post.ly/1dku3 #mobile #iOS

@drmarcustan: @elithrar @mariovisic @xfitzyx u should be able to describe an idea in broad terms without an NDA. It’s all in the execution

mariestroughter: @xfitzyx A few for mobile & there is a #knitting convention this weekend! @CaseyF is the #Ruby #Rails guru behind @Ravelry

Thanks to the following participants:

xfitzyxdavidahoodmaybegeniusmariestroughterjdunbar100, karlbright, mariovisic, gnoll110, tfg_dan, ByrneNickkeithpittMarkKithcartdavidjriceimagemechanicselithrardrmarcustanjremsikjr