Today marked the day we hosted our first Twitter Party. Using the hashtag #NewWebFrontier, we invited people to join in and chat about all things web related.

We managed to keep chatting for about 2.5 hours and covered a variety of topics, including: Ruby and Rails, Standards, Accessibility, Tools, Music & Startups.

We made some new friends and contacts across the world, and look forward to getting the next one planned out soon!

Some highlights from today:

@karlbright: @xfitzyx Nice question! I reckon coolest thing i’ve learnt this week is to slow down and take a step back. Rethink design.

@karlbright: @James_Lau Have you checked out Locomotive? Awesome #ruby #rails CMS in early development.

@davidahood: Just jumping in to #newwebfrontier twitter party from Melbourne (Aust.) using

@hillaryhopper: @xfitzyx Well @dribbble is a great resource and brings the web design community together. Also gives me a lot of clients.

@jammbox: just a quickie. Discovr is now # 3 in australia. Please retweet so we can try to crack #1 :)

Thanks to the following participants: