Here at The Frontier Group, we have a team of designers and developers who are very good. Great, even. Fantastic. Superb. Phenomenal. Insert other synonyms for “awesome” here.

Even so, we recognize that we don’t (and can’t) know everything. Our web design and development focus is specific. In areas outside our expertise, we could always stand to learn and grow and we do every day.

This is where you come in. We’re going strong with connections here in Australia, and we’d like to reach out to our friends in the U.S. We’re looking for a few good web designers and developers to connect and share knowledge with. Okay, more than just a few – we’re looking for 50. One from each of the United States. We’d eventually like to connect with one (or several) designers and developers from every country, but we thought we’d start with one and work our way up from there.

Why are we doing this, you ask? Besides making international connections, we’d like to formulate a monthly “Ask The Experts” panel on Twitter. Once a month at a scheduled time, our panel will convene and discuss a given topic – everything from the latest Ruby gem to HTML5. Other Twitter users will be encouraged to come and hang out, learn, and contribute or “ask the experts” for advice. We’ll have our very own hashtag so the panel’s posts will be easy to locate.

We’re hoping it will be a great resource for both us and the web community.

So what do you say? Will you join us in building the Twitter panel to end all Twitter panels? A hashtag that means people actually increase their knowledge? And if you’re not a resident of the U.S., no worries. Remember, we’re aiming to connect to everywhere in the world eventually.

Express your interest in the comments, or on our Twitter.