Not to be outdone, AOL is on the rebrand bandwagon. Last time I checked, AOL was neither hip, cool or anything else that they are now claiming to be.

Here’s their old identity followed by the new identity (warning may not actually be a single identity).

(picture sourced from ABC)

(picture sourced from Inquisitor)

I wonder what the outcome of this will be? Once again, there’s a steady stream of backlash, mostly due to the fact that people remember AOL for what they were. I’m not sure changing the logo is necessarily the way to fix it. In any case their old logo looks fine to me, maybe they should have spent money on their service offering and public image instead. Although not according to the CEO:

“Our new identity is uniquely dynamic. Our business is focused on creating world-class experiences for consumers and AOL is centered on creative and talented people – employees, partners, and advertisers. We have a clear strategy that we are passionate about and we plan on standing behind the AOL brand as we take the company into the next decade,” said Tim Armstrong, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AOL.