Many SEO companies offer “guaranteed traffic boosts” to increase your site visitors. Some companies even provide packages that enable you to buy a pre-arranged number of site visitors. Visitor Boost offers a plan such as this, where you can purchase a block of visitors and they will deliver them to your site.

But is this actually useful?

Imagine you are opening a local hardware store. For opening day, would you prefer 100 customers to walk through the door of their own choice, or 1000 customers who had been delivered to your door with random needs.

It’s fairly easy to see the problem here and if you are to scale this problem upwards, you would find yourself with a serious problem on your hands.

Targeted Website Traffic

It is becoming apparent that what you would really need is “targeted customer traffic”. If someone could deliver 500 customers to your door with hardware needs there would be a willingness to pay a certain percentage for this. More customers = more business and more word-of-mouth, hence business growth.

Once again, all this is useless if your store is not designed to handle the influx of traffic. If you are aware of the pitfalls of extra customers and have planned for this, it is a great way to skyrocket your business.

Utilising a company that works with you to generate targeted visitor traffic for your website is certainly the best option for an online business. Make sure when you engage them, they know the difference.